Twin Monkeys makes bottling lines too!

We’ll design our systems to meet you needs.

The Savannah bottling line is an open fill tube system designed to fill still or carbonated beverages from the bottom of the bottle.  The amazing thing about this system is that it can accommodate more than 1 bottle size with quick changeover between them.  Want to fill growlers and pint bottles on the same system?  This one can do it.  We’ll customize it for your particular bottles.  The Savannah bottling line–unlike Twin Monkeys’ canning lines–is not designed with CO2 purging and other oxygen reduction systems on it.  It’s great for kombucha, but to run oxygen-fearing beverages such as beer or coffee, we would want to add those systems to it.

Custom automation is what Twin Monkeys is good at.

Savannah Bottling Machine Capabilities

  • Fully automated conveyor mounted filling system
  • Simple/quick change between multiple bottle sizes
  • A bottle rinser can be added upstream
  • A bottle capper can be added downstream
  • Adjustable timers for all system functions
  • CIP/SIP for fill system


Power: 120V 1-phase and 208-240 1-phase options available
 Controls Air:  80 psi 1.0 cfm of clean, dry air
Beverage:  Kombucha, water, any product where O2-pickup is not important.

Contact us for more insight on your beverage.