Which Tabletop Canning System Fits Your Needs? Yampa vs. Mancos


True, the Yampa and Mancos are both tabletop canning systems.  However, these micro canning lines are quite different from each other. When Twin Monkeys set out a number of years ago to provide the market with a smaller footprint, entry-level automated canning line, they unveiled their first line ever, the Yampa. Operating at an output of 20-25 cans/minute, this first Monkey line was designed to serve as a cost-effective automated canning solution for those that just wanted to get their product in standard diameter cans with the use of a single operator.

Fast forward to 2019 and Twin Monkeys now has a nano-canning solution for smaller production facilities: the Mancos. Operating at an output of 10 cans/minute (for 12oz cans), the Mancos was devised to assist those wanting a highly compact canning solution (our shortest canning line yet) that still delivered affordable automation and adjustability to accommodate for all the can sizes you’d want to fill and seam. Yes, even the Crowler™, sleeks, and slim cans.

Between the two canning lines the biggest details to consider are:

  1. Just how many cans do you need to produce per hour? 
    The Yampa has an output of about 1,200 cans per hour (or 50 cases) and the Mancos is on track to do up to 600 per hour (or 25 cases).
  2. What can sizes are you considering? 
    They Yampa can only work with standard diameter cans (211 diameter) while the Mancos can do a whole assortment of different diameter cans, including the Crowler™.
  3. What is your canning line budget? 
    The Yampa has a higher cost than the Mancos but its output and add-on adjustability is directly correlated with its higher price tag. The Mancos is a solution designed for companies looking for a lower cost, lower volume canning solution that can accommodate different can diameters.
  4. Do you need automated pre-fill rinsing for the inside of the cans? 
    The Yampa has an optional Can Flip and Rinse (CFAR) module that will rinse the inside of the cans prior to filling.  The Mancos footprint is too small for automated pre-fill rinsing.

 If you would like to learn more about these two tabletop canning systems, give us a shout at info@twinmonkeys.net or +1(888) 315-7462 ext. 22 and we would be more than happy to assist you further!