beer canning machine

The YAMPA is The Canning System Your Business Needs to Succeed.

“One person can operate the Yampa Beer Canning Machine and achieve high throughput on a small system. The operator simply slides cans into the fill area and places lids on the cans; the automation does everything else.”

Tiny footprint will produce 20+ cans per minute!


The Yampa Tabletop System can be ordered as a semi-automated system where it automatically pre-purges, fills, and seams cans:  very low dissolved oxygen and very low price point.  It is designed as a modular system and if you want more automation, we make optional automated modules that can:

Rinse the inside of the cans and automate the movement of the cans
Apply lids (also removing oxygen from the lid apply zone)
Rinse and dry the exterior of the cans
Add liquid nitrogen to cans (for nitro or for still beverages)
Depalletize (getting cans from the pallet to the canner)

Most options can be purchased initially or be added later in the field.
You can have a semi-automated Yampa or a fully automated one!

Tabletop Beverage Canning System

Features  &  Specs


Simple/quick change between 12oz and 16oz cans (other sizes can be specified at time of order)

Low O2 packaging levels from the following:

  • Closed fill tubes that do not re-acquire air between fill cycles
  • Pre-fill purge station that clears air out prior to fill
  • Short paths from fill to seam
  • CO2 blanket generator at lid applicator
  • Lids applied on foam

Equipped with:

  • Adjustable timers for system functions
  • CIP/SIP for fill system
  • Operator controlled fill levels, timing functions, and run rate
  • Individual volumetric flow meters for precise measurements of fill volumes
  • Modern PLC machine controller and operator color touch screen
  • Seamer components that can be swapped without requiring adjustments
  • Washdown-compliant sensors, pneumatics, enclosure, and decking
  • Nema 4X electrical enclosures


Power: 120V 15A 1-phase (other voltages are possible)
Controls Air: 90 psi 1.3 cfm of clean, dry air
CO2: 20 psi .5 cfm of CO2
Beverage:  Pre-carbonated product at 2.2-2.9 volumes of CO2 at 32-34⁰F
(still beverages may be packaged on this system as well)


Throughput: 20+ cans/minute (12 oz cans)
Can Sizes: 12 oz. and 16 oz. standard, others available on request
Dimensions: 54”L x 23”D x 36”H (for base unit), some options add length
Weight: 200 lbs
Construction: 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum