About Twin Monkeys

At Twin Monkeys we believe that culture is a large part of our continued success.

Twin Monkeys was founded to solve problems. Josh Van Riper owned a local brewery in Denver and was less than thrilled with his choices. So, he called up Brian LeFevre, a former co-worker and fellow automation engineer and they decided to build their own.

They did and, in the process, realized that their ingenuity could help other brewers and craft beverage makers alike. Thus, Twin Monkeys was born, and has been improving craft canning ever since.

Our core values are a driving force in our business.


We love what we do.

Solves Problems

We build solutions.


We do what it takes.


We believe in teamwork.

The Twin Monkeys Process

Twin Monkeys has always had its own way of doing things. We believe that growth is a never-ending process and that all good things can be made better.

Here is some insight into our process and what makes us so unique.


Our first step is always listening to the needs of our customers and configuring a pallet-to-pallet packaging solution. We know how unique each beverage maker’s needs are and we custom configure each canning system to match those needs.


Once we have the correct system configured, we begin the process of fulfillment. Once we have your system configured, we work doggedly to get your system to you within the lead time we quoted. In 2021 Twin Monkeys began producing their own parts for their systems in their machine shop on-site.


Once we get your machine built and shipped to you, we need to head out and install it and train you. Twin Monkeys believes that there is no substitute for in-person training. We prefer to be on-site to make sure your system is set up correctly, and then we like to do a canning run with water on day one to get you used to the functions of the system without using up valuable product. Finally, we like to be there for a canning day so that we can address any issues in real-time and best prepare you for your canning journey.


This is one of the most valuable steps in the process. We look to our customers to help us continue to improve. No one knows better than them what works in a daily canning setting. Twin Monkeys utilizes our relationships with them through our service department to design solutions that make the process easier for them. We very intentionally design features and add-ons that either reduce time and labor or increase efficiency and quality. Without the useful feedback from our team and our customers, it would not be possible.


This part of the process is when we take what we learned from the feedback and apply it to make our solutions even better. We firmly believe that continually evaluating for meaningful ways to improve our product is what makes the difference.

At Twin Monkeys, we believe that this process is ongoing. We enjoy every step of the way and hope that our customers do as well.

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