Accumulation Tables

Accumulation tables are an important canning accessory because they help keep clear out the exit area of the canning line to prevent cans backing up and stopping the line. 

Prevent can backup

Accumulation tables are essential to your efficiency on canning days. When your canning line is cranking out a high volume of cans, accumulation tables will ensure that the canning line exit is clear of finished cans.

Compatibility:  This rotary accumulation table is compatible with any of our Lotus Beverage Alliance canning systems.

Improve Efficiency

These rotary accumulation tables  can operate independently of your existing canning equipment or can easily integrate into any of our Twin Monkeys canning systems.

Complete your setup

take your canning line to the next level

THE following accessories will integrate seamlessly with your twin monkeys canning system.


Can Labelers

Date Coders

Twist Rinsers

Nitrogen Dosers

Shrink Sleeve Labeler

Paktech Applicator

Auto-Adjust Technology

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