Beer Canning Solution

Our company was built on beer. At Twin Monkeys we specialize in canning lines for beer.

Nearly every feature we design helps make craft beer maintain its taste and quality standards. If there is a unique environment or needs for canning beer we can custom engineer a solution. Our knowledge of beer knows no bounds. Find out how easy it is to work with an expert in canning beer today!

Our systems are designed to:

  • Reduce TPO (below 20PPB)
  • Automate the filling process to reduce inconsistent fills
  • Reduce waste
  • Make quality control easy with our auto-tune filler add-on feature
  • Scalable solutions for growing breweries
  • Fobbing jet options on our most popular systems
What does a common beer packaging set up look like?

Canning machine

Our canning systems can help span from 10-100 cans per minute. We can build a customized canning solution for any brewery’s needs.

Infeed option

Our infeed options span from manual, or infeed funnel to a fully automated depalletizer and twist rinse.


Our CFAR (can flip and rinse) solutions are offered on several of our systems and work with a variety of can sizes and diameters without adding cost. They are great options for pre-rinse!


We offer a variety of labeler options from manual, to tabletop or a floor labeler that can run up to 100 cans per minute. Labeling is a great way to brand your beer!

Pack off or accumulation table

Our pack off and accumulation options allow you to be the most efficient, it allows your labor force to focus on the canning and do pack off in a more efficient manner. Ask today about our options!

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