twist rinser

Preserve your craft flavors and product quality. Rinse out the dust and other particulates that can contaminate your fill. 


Compatibility:  This twist rinse easily integrates with any of our Twin Monkeys canning systems.

How Does a Twist Rinser Work?

The twist rinse flips the can upside down, rinses it, and turns it right-side back up again before it goes into your Twin Monkeys canning system. 

Ideal for use when canning beer, wine, kombucha, mead, seltzer, soda, ready-to-drink cocktails, coffee,


Rinse Cans and Bottles of all sizes.

Our easy to use twist rinser is designed to rinse particles out of your empty cans prior to filling them.  

We recommend using a twist rinse with your canning line because even the smallest contaminant can contain spoilage microorganisms that can create off-flavors in your final canned product. 

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