Auxiliary Equipment

The engineers at Twin Monkeys didn’t stop at just making can fill & seam systems. 

A complete beer canning line or other beverage canning line needs accessory equipment:  date coders, depalletizers, labelers, feed and accumulation tables, etc.  For these canning system accessories, we’ve either found expert partners that make what you need or we’ve developed our own in-house.  These are a few of the other things we have to offer; this is not an exhaustive list, so ask if you don’t see what you need.


DATE CODING: Steady Coder

Date coding often has a portion of the cans that are legible and the others, well…not so good. Can vibrations and uneven can speeds make it hard to code all the cans the same. The Steady Coder controls every dry can at the start of the process and puts the code on every can so that it’s legible every time.



We’ve made it easier to pack away the depalletizer between uses. This version of our Semi-Automated Depalletizer folds down and has transport wheels built to help an operator move it from place to place. Mobile operations just got a little easier.



When a tank is full, the bottom has higher pressure than the top.  When it’s nearly empty, the top and bottom are equal.  Canning works best if you maintain the bottom delivery pressure.  This baby will maintain the bottom pressure while controlling the top tank pressure.  Set it and forget it.



Twin Monkeys uses an OEM kit version of the doser to reduce costs and to provide better safety and operator-controlled dosing rates.  The doser is mounted onto the canner and goes where the canner goes.



Starting with our Gunnison we’ve introduced technology to weigh cans and reject the low fills.  But that wasn’t enough for us.  We can now use that information to auto-adjust the fills on each of the fill heads and the timing on the fill head raise to achieve ideal fills on all cans, without involving the operator.  Available on other models soon.