Cannabis & CBD Canning

Twin Monkeys canning solutions are carefully configured to meet the unique needs of the cannabis craft beverage space.

Our systems allow you to perfectly can your beverage. Our expert technicians can help custom configure a system that meets the code requirements you are looking to fulfill.

Our systems are designed to:

  • Provide scalable solutions. These systems can grow as your business does
  • Meet the stringent code requirements that craft cannabis beverage producers adhere to
  • Understand the unique challenges of the mixing cannabis beverages
  • Reduce waste using our auto-adjust fill technology
  • Accommodate multiple can diameters and heights
What does a basic cannabis canning line look like?

Canning machine

The Cimarron is our most sophisticated system and is perfect for your cannabis craft beverage solution. This system includes features such as servo-fill, and auto-tuning fill adjust. They can also accommodate several can diameters like slim and sleek with easy switch out.

Depalletizer or other infeed

Our solutions for cannabis offer the high level of automation sought by the industry, ensuring a quick, repeatable and reliable canning experience.

Liquid nitrogen doser

LN2 dosing does a few things for you: it pressurizes the can for storage/stability, displaces oxygen in the head space, helps maintain the nitrogen levels in your nitro-style beverages, and you can even nitrogenate in the can! Even if you are nitrogenating in a tank, a doser helps maintain the quality and freshness of your beverage.


Shrink sleeve

Our system can pair with a shrink sleeve system in line, so you can manage your packaging process from pallet to pallet

Date Coding

This allows you the ability to date code your cans for optimal freshness and allowing you to stay within any local regulations needed


Weigh/reject in-line

This is built in quality control for your system. Every can is weighed post-seam and low weight cans are rejected.. The system then auto-adjusts the fill head that produced the can until it is back within the acceptable specus.

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