The Atlas

In-Line Paktech Handle Applicator

Fully-automated Application

Ruggedly built, with a gentle price tag, the Atlas will save you money on pack-out labor and avoid repetitive motion injuries. We have clocked this machine working at a rate of 125 cans per minute, more than capable of keeping pace with any Twin Monkeys or Alpha Brewing Operations canning line. 

The Atlas is a collaboration from the engineering teams at Twin Monkeys and Alpha Brew Ops, supported by the full strength of Lotus Beverage Alliance

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Compatibility:  The Atlas Paktech handle applicator is compatible with any Lotus Beverage Alliance canning system.

4-Pack or 6-Pack Handle Options

With the increasing popularity of Paktech handles, this canning accessory is becoming a must-have machine for growing craft breweries.

Complete your setup

take your canning line to the next level

THE following accessories will integrate seamlessly with your twin monkeys canning system.


Can Labelers

Date Coders

Accumulation Tables

Nitrogen Dosers

Twist Rinsers

Shrink Sleeve Labeler

Auto-Adjust Technology

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