Coffee Canning

We, at Twin Monkeys, have years of experience helping people can coffee. Let us help you take advantage of this rapidly expanding market. Don’t know exactly what you need? We can help!

What does a basic coffee packaging line look like?
  • Canning machine
  •  Liquid Nitrogen doser
  • Liquid Nitrogen doser mount and integration
  • Can piercing kit
What does a basic coffee packaging line look like?

Canning machine

Any of our canning lines is a great fit for coffee. Our Gunnison model is the most popular model with coffee producers and the Coffee Edition comes pre-configured for Sleek (204.5Ø) with the ability to use standard (211Ø) cans with a few quick adjustments. These smaller diameter cans are preferred in the caffeinated beverage market.


Liquid nitrogen doser

LN2 dosing does a few things for you: it pressurizes the can for storage/stability, displaces oxygen in the head space, helps maintain the nitrogen levels in your nitro-style beverages, and you can even nitrogenate in the can! Even if you are nitrogenating in a tank, a doser helps maintain the quality and freshness of your coffee.

LN2 doser integration

Our doser option is fully integrated into our canning machines with the ability to adjust the dose amount for each can. This simplifies operation and lets you adjust for different products. Tuning the dose amount is critical if you plan to nitrogenate in the can because you need to pressurize the can to about 45psi and going much higher than that can cause issues with over pressurizing.

LN2 doser integration

Can piercing kit

How do you adjust your dose times? A can piercing kit stabs a needle through the filled can to measure the pressure. This is indispensable for nitrogenating in the can, but is also a very helpful tool for adjusting your process and ensuring consistency.

The Coffee Edition Gunnison

Are you ready to start canning and want a solution tailored to your product? Twin Monkeys understands the challenges each craft beverage producer faces and we have put together a Coffee Edition Gunnison that meets the needs of most small-to-medium sized producers. It includes everything discussed here, with pasteurization options available if you don’t already have this capability.

What about pasteurizing?

If you’re doing a cold brew, you’ll need to pasteurize. Hot fills generally do not require pasteurizing. Talk to our team about your options and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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