our Canning lines

All of our quality canning systems are highly customizable and are Made in the USA.  These canning systems are easy to use, are affordable, and are designed to grow with your needs as a craft beverage maker.  Meet our troop:


THE Eagle

The Eagle is the world’s first fully automated, feature-rich, expandable nano-canner! The base model cans at a rate of 10 cans/minute, but it’s expandable to 30 cans/minute and the expansion can be done by your team at your factory. With the advanced options on this model, you’re not lacking any of the features you can get on the larger canners. This is the perfect starter model.

This nano-canner is the simplest canning machine that includes a level of automation that can support real production and grow with you.

Cans Per Minute

10+ cans up to 30 cans


230-400 lbs (100-180 kg)

Mancos CP

The counter pressure fill Mancos is perfect for packaging high carbonation and high temperature products in cans. The counter pressure fill technology uses product pressure regulation during the fill cycle to reduce breakout of CO2 and control foam generation. Do you have a difficult product or environment that makes canning difficult?
The CP Mancos is a great solution for you!

Cans Per Minute

8-12 cans


490 lbs



The Mancos is designed to give craft beverage makers the nano-canning experience they’ve been waiting for. No other canning system of any size can deliver on as many varying can diameters, such as sleek, slim, standard and the Crowler on one single machine.

This feature-packed canning system delivers a high-quality packaging experience for canning any beverage.

Cans Per Minute

10-15 cans


250 lbs (113 kg)


Our most popular line, the Gunnison canning system can produce a quick 25-30 cans per minute. Its ultra-compact footprint has made it popular with mobile canning operations, as well as small and medium size beverage producers with limited space. Its versatility and quick change over for additional can diameters allows businesses producing more than one can size to maximize efficiency. With a wide array of infeed and outfeed options, this machine can be custom configured.

Cans Per Minute



450 lbs. (204 kg)

The Kannah

THE Kannah

The Kannah 4 fill-head counter pressure canning system is built to help those with unique high carbonation or high-temperatureu00a0environments that have trouble with traditional canning fills. This allows you to maintain the same high-quality beverage under less ideal environments. This system is designed to give you a great canned beverage.

Cans Per Minute



660 lbs

THE Cimarron

The Cimarron is our most robust offering. Expandable from 1 to 10 fill heads. Expandable from 10 to 100 cans/minute. This machine can run from 10-100 cans per minute. It handles slim, sleek, and standard cans, and changes out between different diameters is a breeze. The ultra-compact layout makes it ideal for mobile canning and beverage producers who need medium to high can output but have space constraints.

Cans Per Minute



944 lbs. (454 kg)