Cocktail Canning

Quick to learn, easy to expand. Canning systems for your craft cocktails.

No Mix, No Mess.

With an industry expected to grow 35% in the next four years, canned cocktails are quickly gaining popularity among craft beverage makers. What’s not to love? Just pull the tab and serve your favorite cocktails straight out of the can, cold and ready to drink.

Our canning lines make it easy to get your ready-to-drink cocktails in the hands of consumers. With customizable features and auxiliary equipment, Twin Monkeys canning lines grow alongside your business. Ensure superior taste, package integrity, and freshness with our machines.

Benefits of our Cocktail Canning Systems


Quickly transition between can sizes.


Our canning machines are designed to be collapsed and tucked away, maximizing your space.


Twin Monkeys auto-adjust technology produces reliably full pours. 


Seal it securely. Seam-sensing technology ensures proper storage of your cocktails.

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