Shrink Sleeve Label Machines

Show off the uniqueness and creativity of your brand with one of our shrink sleeve label machines.  These shrink sleeve applicators will sleeve your cans with labels that cover the entire side of the cans, providing 360-degrees graphics coverage for your cans. 

labels that pop.

Shrink sleeve labelers allow you to create more vibrant, eye-catching labels for your cans.   These types of labels are more versatile and customizable, giving you more creative freedom with your can designs.  Bonus:  They are sustainable. The labels won’t stick to your cans, which makes them easier to remove during the recycling process.  

How does this technology work?  Shrink sleeve labelers use special labels that are printed on a flexible shrink film.  Once heat is applied, the labels reduce in size (or shrink) and conform tightly to the shape of the aluminum can.

Compatibility:  This automatic shrink sleeve applicator is compatible with any of our Twin Monkeys  canning systems.

Take your Brand to the Next Level.

Up your game and bring your creativity to life with sharp image quality and various color tones.  With so many craft beverage options on the market, it pays to stand out from the crowd.

Complete your setup

take your canning line to the next level

THE following accessories will integrate seamlessly with your twin monkeys canning system.


Can Labelers

Date Coders

Accumulation Tables

Nitrogen Dosers

liquid nitrogen doser used with canning machines

Twist Rinsers

Paktech Applicator

front view of a Paktech can carrier handle applicator made by Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems

Auto-Adjust Technology

stainless steel auto-adjust filler used with beer canning machines
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