Can You Can It: Coffee

Twin Monkey’s superior canning systems offer everything your business needs to start producing canned coffee. Over the next five years through 2028, the global ready-to-drink coffee market is expected to grow at nearly a 9% calculated growth rate. With this in mind, many beverage companies are beginning to hop on creating RTD coffee for their consumers, taking advantage of the high demand for accessible coffee drinks.

Canned coffee offers many advantages, including convenience and portability. Using Twin Monkey’s canning systems, your business can produce canned coffee drinks efficiently. The article below will explore the history of ready-to-drink coffee, its benefits, and everything you need to know about coffee canning.

History of RTD Coffee

Our modern world is all about finding ways to make daily tasks more convenient to accommodate our hustle-and-bustle lifestyles. As such, the popularity of ready-to-drink coffee drinks (RTD Coffee) continues to rise. Canned coffee drinks offer convenience for drinkers to get their caffeine fix quickly through a smooth cold drink without waiting for the coffee to brew. Ready-to-drink coffee is amongst the fastest-growing drinks in the beverage industry, with sales up about 20% in 2021.

Although RTD coffee drinks continue to grow in popularity, canned coffee has been around for many years. The first canned coffee was invented in Japan in the 1970s. In the early 1900s, canned coffee was especially useful during World War I and II when fresh coffee was not accessible. Today, canned coffee drinks can be found everywhere, from convenience stores to grocery stores.

Is Canned Coffee Good?

While the most obvious benefit of canned coffee is its convenience, it has several other advantages. Unlike fresh coffee, which can quickly spoil, canned coffee has a long shelf life. Most canned coffee drinks can be stored for up to two years, helping to reduce wasted products.

Canned coffees also offer easy portability, allowing users to bring them along wherever they go. Ready-to-drink coffee beverages can be enjoyed right from the can, eliminating the need for travel mugs or tumblers. In addition, there are many delicious flavors available today, including options such as vanilla or sweet cream. Canned coffee drinks can appeal to various coffee drinkers, including those who enjoy unsweetened or sweetened options and options with and without cream.

With all of these benefits in mind, canned coffee is a great product to consider adding to your menu or product offerings. Given the expected increase in the market, offering RTD coffee could be your next offering to help take your company to the next level.

Coffee Canning

Businesses looking to expand their beverage offerings to include ready-to-drink coffee beverages can easily do so by utilizing coffee canning. The coffee canning process involves roasting fresh coffee beans and grinding them before brewing. After brewing, coffee is vacuum-sealed into cans to help prevent spoilage and keep coffee fresh.

Twin Monkeys offers easy-to-use coffee machines designed to do exactly this. Our coffee canning system can help you easily add ready-to-drink coffee beverages to your product lineup. The Gunnison, our most popular and ultra-compact canning system, is the perfect canning machine to create perfectly canned cold coffee.

The Gunnison canning system can quickly can up to 25 to 30 canned coffees per minute. Even better, the compact design is perfect for businesses short on manufacturing space. To make coffee canning work for you, the Gunnison can easily be moved using the locking casters on a movable cart.

Twin Monkey’s Superior Canning Solution for Canned Coffee

Twin Monkey’s superior canning solutions make producing canned coffee easier than you’d think. One of the most important steps in producing high-quality canned coffee involves getting the right amount of liquid nitrogen in each can. Our Gunnison canning system utilizes a fully-integrated doser to ensure you have just the amount of liquid nitrogen for every can.

Our canning solution for producing RTD coffee helps your business achieve the efficiency you need to achieve success. The Gunnison canning system features an auto-adjust fill technology, helping to reduce waste during your canning runs. Furthermore, the in-line piercing kit provides essential testing for cans treated with nitrogen while keeping your machine running seamlessly. With a wide array of both infeed and outfeed options, Twin Monkey’s canning systems can be custom configured to meet the unique needs of your production process.

Learn More about Twin Monkey’s Coffee Canning Machines

Have questions about how Twin Monkey’s coffee canning machines can work for your company? Request more information, and our canning specialists will reach out promptly. We look forward to helping you select the best canning machine to help you produce RTD coffee. Our canning experts can help answer any questions, including about producing cold brew and the pasteurizing process.

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