Canned Beverage Alternatives for Seasonal Brews

Autumn approaches with the time-honored traditions of outdoor treks and seasonal drinks that celebrate the cooling temperatures. Nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and apple remain popular but oversaturated seasonal brew flavors during fall celebrations. As such, a brewery can stand out from the crowd by delivering innovative flavor options that thrill customer palates with a novel experience.

Exploring New Flavors for Fall

The cool fall climate presents diverse harvests that enhance seasonal brew flavors and presentation (i.e., color). A brewer can connect visual appeal with flavor variants by using assorted can sizes and stylization, unique labels, and innovative package designs that draw instant attraction at Thanksgiving and Halloween gatherings.


People often associate marshmallows with fall favorites like nutmeg and cinnamon. Yet, seasonal brews rarely position marshmallows as the base flavor. The slightly woody flavor with a floral tinge originates from the roots of the mallow plant, usually harvested in late spring, and usually grows between two to three years.


These fragrant pear-like fruits immediately enrich seasonal beverages with a spicy and mildly sweet taste. Quince presents a medley of flavors likened to apples, pears, plums, and pineapples, which will keep people guessing as they savor the delight.


Tomatoes harvested during autumn come in varying degrees of ripeness with markedly different tastes. These flavors may range from a slight tartness to cherry-like sweetness. Combining various batches of fall tomatoes provides a surprisingly unique characteristic in each canned beverage.

Unique Fall Flavors Among Seasonal Brews

Aside from experimenting with new ingredients, some breweries have repackaged and redefined classic seasonal brew flavors that appeal to a larger crowd. For instance, Shipyard Brewing Company introduced a limited-time bubbly version of their subtly pumpkin-flavored ale with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.
Two Roads Brewery offers a unique adaptation of traditional pumpkin ale with Roadsmary’s Baby, a specialized drink aged in a rum barrel for over two years. The thoughtful process results in a distinct rum-flavored drink enhanced with traces of pumpkin, vanilla, and oak.
Other breweries bring fun and memorable fall drinking experiences that combine multiple flavor-enhancing ingredients for a superior taste. Sierra Nevada’s Liquid Hoppiness IPA is one example, featuring a cloudy hops concoction with pineapple, grapefruit, berries, and refreshing oranges.
Funky Buddha’s unconventional Sweet Potato Casserole spiced ale offers a nostalgic experience packed with childhood flashbacks of kitchen dinners served with love. The ale includes a fusion of sweet potato, vanilla, and woody cinnamon baked to perfection.
Allagash Brewery’s Haunted House hoppy dark ale combines crystal hops, chinook hops, and Blackprinz malt to provide a deep-bodied beverage with a slightly cocoa-like bitter taste. The hoppy preparation comes canned in a spooky green and purple design that pays homage to traditional Halloween celebrations.

Prioritizing Packaging and Canning Solutions

Limited-time packaging can significantly improve the market positioning of seasonal beverages by tapping on familiar traditions and moods. These design strategies can help improve customer engagement during autumn celebrations like thanksgiving fairs. Similarly, brewers can benefit from robust canning solutions for configuring seasonal production with minimal setup and delay.

Implement Innovative Canning Solutions

Twin Monkeys provides versatile brewery canning solutions for all types of seasonal brews. The customized canning line systems make it easy for a brewery to package and deliver seasonal beverages for every occasion. Twin Monkeys machines accommodate nearly any beverage can on the market, from slim cans to 12-ounce sleek cans popular with hard seltzers, and of course the standard 12-ounce or 16-ounce cans used by most breweries.
With Twin Monkeys’ advanced fill-and-seam canning machines, brewers can improve facility efficiencies by:
Conveniently selecting machine infeeds and outfeeds based on business preferences, so decision-makers can scale canning solutions to seasonal traffic, maximizing business efficiencies

Reducing wastage through the power of automation while preventing reliance on operators when running canning machines

Adjusting dimensions for various canned products without additional investments in machinery or processes
Canning solutions have a significant impact on an operations capacity and profitability. Twin Monkeys continues to innovate its made-in-America machines to empower brewers with expandable nano-canner options like the Eagle, space savers like the Gunnison, industry-leading size and beverage accommodators like the Mancos and Mancos CP, and of course the powerhouse Cimarron.
The right machinery to start, expand, or refit an operation can make all the difference, whether canning a new fall line of beverages or setting up for future success.

Closing Thoughts — Presenting Seasonal Brews with a Smart Mobile Canning Solution

When it comes to seasonal, business owners can use customizable and user-friendly mobile canning solutions to quickly pack and deploy across various locations. These compact canning machines fit perfectly into box trucks and feature quality castors for easy transportation between seasonal events. 

Mobile canning solutions, including integrated liquid nitrogen dosers, depalletizing options, and auto-filler systems that keep canned products within acceptable weights are a must to meet seasonal demands. Twin Monkeys’ mobile canning solutions offer expandability options to fulfill sudden spikes in customer orders during the peak times of an event.

Connect with Twin Monkeys to discover ways of packing the taste of fall in a can with style and convenience for the busiest seasonal events, or to meet your canning needs any time of the year. Let’s talk monkey!

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