Case Study Blog: Big Island Booch

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Big Island Booch, a maker of organic kombucha drinks, uses Twin Monkey’s canning solutions to package its delicious kombucha drinks. As the company grew, Big Island Booch knew it needed a reliable machine that ran seamlessly to accommodate increased demand. Twin Monkey’s canning solutions have played a critical role in Big Island Booch’s expansion.

Origins of Big Island Booch

The story of Big Island Booch begins with owners Brendan Roberts and Kela Cosgrave, who sold their first bottle of flavored kombucha in Kalapana in 2013. The name originates from the slang term “booch.” Of course, the company originates from the island of Hilo, Hawaii. Since the sale of its first bottle, Big Island Booch has grown rapidly, transforming from a home-based business to opening locations where people can enjoy Hilo Hawaii drinks right from the tap.

Today, Big Island Booch creates delicious flavored Hawaii drinks through a fermentation process at its large boochery. In addition, the company also runs the Conscious Culture Cafe, an organic-based cafe serving health-conscious foods and local kombucha. The cafe’s menu consists of locally sourced, organic meals, including gluten-free options and living foods.

While any company can produce kombucha, Big Island Booch sets itself apart by creating unique flavor combinations using fresh, organic ingredients. Today, the company continues to prioritize education, teaching locals about the health benefits they can get by drinking delicious Hawaii drinks.

How Local Kombucha is Made

Big Island Booch makes each batch of its hand-crafted local kombucha using fresh organic teas, fruits, and herbs (all locally sourced). For centuries, kombucha has been consumed as a superfood health drink. With this in mind, Big Island Booch has created a delicious fermented tea drink with real living enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants, and dozens of other health benefits.

Big Island Booch Beverages

With eight delicious flavors to choose from, Big Island Booch provides a kombucha beverage for everyone. Each of the flavors of local kombucha provides unique health benefits. Among the most popular Hilo, Hawaii drinks is the Super Ginger Tumeric Tonic, a flavor that offers health benefits such as improved digestion and enhanced immune support. Using turmeric in this flavor provides anti-inflammatory effects.

Another popular flavor, the Blue Green Dream, combines fresh ginger with spirulina, a plant-derived compound that provides an immune system boost. This drink is a great option for those looking to support their metabolism and get a boost of energy. Even better, spirulina contains many essential amino acids which help support overall great health.

The Mango Merry Mint kombucha tastes refreshing, with a slightly sweet and cooling sensation in every sip. The use of mint in this kombucha flavor can help to lower cholesterol, with a hint of fresh mango. In addition to these Hawaii drink flavors, other Big Island Booch flavors include Hibiscus Blossom Bliss, Lilikoi Lush, Mango Merry Mint, Luminous Lavender, Ginjah, Olena Mana, Mystic Melon, Benevolent Beet, Elderberry Lavender Love, and Cosmic Coconut Chai. Try them all until you find your favorite flavor!

Other Delicious Big Island Booch Products

In addition to distributing bottled kombucha to local retailers, Big Island Booch has delicious beverage options on tap at the Booch Bar in Hilo, Hawaii. On the menu, guests can order a pitcher or a pint of any of their kombucha flavors. Or, if you can’t decide, the kombucha flight is a fun option that offers a taste-testing of several kombucha flavors! True kombucha lovers will also love trying their organic kombucha smoothies.

While Big Island Booch specializes in organic kombucha, it has recently expanded to offer other fermented products. Bottles of Conscious Cultures Kraut and Kimchi are available for purchase at the Booch Bar. You might even find some new hot sauce creations while you shop.

Twin Monkeys Canning Solutions

Like Big Island Booch, your company needs the perfect canning solutions to streamline your production process. Twin Monkeys has five different canning machine models, which range from the ability to can 5 to 8 cans per minute all the way up to our fastest model, which can package up to 100 cans per minute. In addition to kombucha, Twin Monkeys canning solutions can be used to package hard kombucha, beer, wine, coffee, and many other types of beverages.

If you’re not sure which of our canning solutions is best for you, reach out to us today! We’d be happy to walk you through our product offerings and help you determine the best Twin Monkey’s canning system for you.

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