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The craft beer scene has blown up worldwide, with award-winning breweries popping up in Japan, Canada, Australia, and everywhere in between.

There are many unique breweries with genius marketing campaigns and, more importantly, delicious, well-balanced beers. One particularly interesting Australian brewery, Aether Brewing, is making waves in the nation’s beer culture. Known for its passion, creativity, and loyal community, Aether Brewing is an inspiring example of how a love for brewing evolved into what the brewery has become.

Today, the spotlight is on this unique and growing business — and the role Twin Monkeys has played in Aether Brewing’s journey.

Aether Brewing – Then and Now

Located in Brisbane, Australia, Aether Brewing got its name from the term aether, the fifth element in Greek mythology — which, in the brewing world, is obviously beer. While this Australian brewery opened in 2016, a lot has changed since then, including its can designs and location. However, one thing has never changed — Aether Brewing’s approach and passion for innovative beer.

After all, it was one of the first Australian breweries to use hemp in beer and once released an ale made with bone marrow. Pushing the boundaries is what Aether Brewing is known for. The beer community has taken notice, helping the brewery continue expanding. Aether Brewing is constantly creating new recipes to offer limited-release and seasonal beers alongside its flagship brews. These beers are high in quality and well-balanced.

Since expanding, Aether has invested in its on-site global canning line. Compared to Aether’s original spot, the brewery increased its capacity six times over at the new location. The yearly output was over 200,000 liters. With the canning systems from Twin Monkeys, Aether entered the distribution game. By moving out of the taproom, the brewery expanded into the thriving business it is today.

Discover Beers From Aether Brewing

Aether’s beers are often as creative as the labels that wrap each can. In addition to beers in the brewery’s taproom, Aether cans a range of beers. On the cans, you’ll know which are limited releases. For example, after the brewery rebranded, it released its 167th recipe — a Blueberry NEIPA. This beer’s label says “LTD. RELEASE #167.”

While some breweries are known for their lagers and others for their sours, Aether Brewing defies easy category description.

As of this writing, the beer lineup includes the following:

  • Multiple seasonal sours, including the Yuzu Sake Sour and Creamsicle Sour
  • The Blackberry Sour, a core beer
  • The innovative, limited Blueberry NEIPA
  • For pale ale drinks, there is an XPA and the All Australian Pale Ale
  • Ginger Beerd is a core beer made with fresh Queensland ginger
  • Two other core beers, Mexican Lager and West Coast IPA
  • The brewery also offers two core seltzers, including a Raspberry Seltzer and Passionfruit Pavlova Seltzer

Beer lovers can find these beers and others online.

Shoppers can purchase a single can, a four-pack, or a 16-pack. However, cans are also available at dozens of eastern and southern Australian locations.

The beers aren’t the only thing the Aether is known for. Their can designs instantly draw beer lovers in, thanks to the one-of-a-kind labels submitted by homegrown artists. The brewery’s art calls help locals feel more connected to the brand, ensuring a close relationship with community members.

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Aether + Twin Monkeys

Over the years, Aether has evolved into a beloved brewery. The custom-designed brewing system allows brewers to create unique, well-balanced beers. As the brand grew, so did its needs.

Based on Aether’s approach to beer and creativity, it is known for its cans. The artwork stands out and has since become a key characteristic of the brand. As production ramped up, Aether needed a global canning system to keep up with the volume of beer produced. By 2018, Aether’s Twin Monkeys canning system was in full swing, allowing the brewery to remain as productive as possible. The brewery often shared videos showing how efficient the process is.

Twin Monkeys offers a range of canning systems based on a brewery’s needs, ranging from eight to 100 cans per minute, with their two flagship models being expandable. This range allows breweries to select the canning system that makes sense based on their evolving goals.

Final Thoughts

This Australian brewery is a prime example of how making the right investment pays off. They significantly boosted production by moving away from the costly fees associated with mobile canning systems to purchase an on-site global canning system. Today, Aether Brewing is a name known across Australia and the world.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of an automated beer canning system? Contact Twin Monkeys to discuss equipment and financing options today!

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