Case Study Blog: Trident Coffee Roasters – Imperial Beach, California

Twin Monkeys canning solutions offer the features and efficiency businesses are seeking. Our unique coffee canning system has made it possible for companies around the globe to create high-quality canned coffee with ease. This case study showcases the unique Trident Coffee Roasters, a coffee brewery specializing in organic coffee in Imperial Beach, CA.

Trident Coffee Roasters uses Twin Monkeys’ coffee edition Gunnison machine to make production a breeze. Using this coffee canning system has allowed this company to achieve exponential success. Trident Coffee Roasters’ ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee is available for purchase in their two taprooms and at various retail partners, such as markets and vendors across the country. Give one of these USDA Organic canned coffees a try to taste the difference in quality.

Want to take your business to the next level? Offering canned coffee is a great way to do it. Keep reading to explore the success story of Trident Coffee Roasters, one of the many businesses using Twin Monkeys’ canning solutions to support their growth.

History of Trident Coffee Roasters

Located in Imperial Beach, California, Trident Coffee Roasters was started by Eric Johnson, a former naval officer. The company began when Eric started experimenting with brewing his own cold-brew coffee during a tour of duty in Iraq. During his downtime, Eric developed a great interest in cold-brew coffee production and explored many flavor varieties.

After returning home from overseas, Eric knew he wanted to take his passion to the next level and use his newfound knowledge to start a business. Unlike most new business owners who start their ventures in hopes of profitable success, Eric cared more about creating a brand that would inspire people to craft their own legacy.

What Makes Trident Coffee Roasters Different

Trident Coffee Roasters was built around the idea that coffee can fuel an active lifestyle, bringing people together across various cultures. The company values its connections, sourcing its delicious coffee from long-term, trusted partners. These connections help it deliver high-quality and fresh-tasting coffee in each product.

Imperial Beach locals visit the well-known IB TapRoom and Brewery in Bikeway Village. This location offers over 15 different nitro cold-brew coffees and regular cold brews on tap with dozens of syrups to add in. Trident Coffee Roasters has recently opened a second location in Coronado, CA, which features another cold-brew coffee taproom and a keto bakery.

In addition to coffee on tap, visitors can purchase to-go cold brew canned coffee in fun seasonal flavors like peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice. Their cold brew coffee cans are packaged effortlessly using Twin Monkeys canning solutions. Trident Coffee Roasters also offers several different roasts of bagged coffee to brew at home and k-cups for use in Keurig brewing systems.

How Twin Monkeys Canning Solutions Helps Trident Coffee

Twin Monkeys canning solutions make packaging RTD coffee simple and easy. We offer the number one custom-configured canning system available on the market today, made specifically with the needs of producing RTD coffee in mind. As experts in the canned beverage industry, we’ve continued to improve our canning systems to make for the most efficient canning process possible.

The Gunnison canning system is the most versatile coffee canning system, able to package anywhere from 25 to 30 cans per minute beautifully. In addition to its impressive speed, Gunnison’s ultra-compact footprint saves you floor space and allows you to easily move the machine as needed. This coffee canning system also enables users to produce various sizes with a quick can diameter change feature.

Twin Monkeys takes pride in creating coffee canning systems that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each business. Using a fully integrated closer system, each can of RTD coffee will get the right amount of liquid nitrogen needed for a freshly brewed taste. The various infeed and outfeed options and customizable configurations have helped contribute to the great success of Trident Coffee Roasters.

Start Your Successful Path with a Coffee Canning System

Inspired by the success story of Trident Coffee Roasters? Our efficient, compact, and innovative packaging systems for canned coffee can help your business achieve success too. Using one of Twin Monkeys’ canning solutions can help you produce RTD coffee affordably and efficiently.
In addition to the Gunnison canning system, we offer a full lineup of other canning systems made in the U.S. No matter which of our superior canning systems you choose, a Twin Monkeys canning system can grow with your needs as your business expands.

Got questions about Twin Monkey’s canning solutions? We’d be happy to help. Contact us today for more information or with questions about our customizable coffee canning system products. We look forward to helping you to select the best model to meet your unique canning system needs.

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