Case Study: Brothers Brewery – Iceland

Twin Monkeys is the top custom-configured beverage canning system available on the market today. Elite beverage producers are building their businesses with the help of this advanced technology that offers customized canning solutions. Every beverage needs to come in assorted sizes to appeal to a wide range of consumers. We have developed canning systems that allow companies to quickly and affordably customize their canning on-site.

We also have many devoted customers around the globe. One successful example is The Brothers Brewery, a popular Icelandic beer producer. In just a few years, this company has grown from a small beer production business to a thriving concern with a spacious beer hall and production facility. The Twin Monkeys canning system has been essential to this rapid growth since their customized canning process is easily done on-site. It also creates recyclable cans that appeal to different customer bases.

The Brothers Brewery Origins

Located on scenic Vestmannaeyjar Island in Iceland, The Brothers Brewery began at the end of 2012 when good friends Jóhann Guðmundsson and Kjartan Vídó decided on a whim to start brewing beer. After all, they really loved beer, as their current slogan proves: “Beer is our water, let’s not waste time drinking something else.”

The two beer-loving buddies shared the idea with their brothers, Davíð and Hlyn. Together, the four men founded The Brothers Brewery. Later, Davíð dropped out, but the group added Hannes Eiríksson to the team, who conveniently had a garage.

They soon began brewing beer in Hannes’ garage. By 2015, they were ready for some feedback on their efforts. Friend Einar Birn tried their products and decided to sell the beer at his local restaurant, Einsa Kalda, giving the friends their first big break.

The Beer’s Introduction in Vestmannaeyjar

This Iceland brewery received its production license early in 2016. The crew began brewing beer with a homemade kit and hot water barrel. This small start worked well initially because the brewery only meant selling its beer at Einsa Kalda, the local restaurant.
The demand for the flavorful beverage was more than anyone expected. That meant the team had to quickly up their production capacity. Soon the beer was for sale in other restaurants outside of Vestmannaeyjar, and this Iceland brewery was on its way.

Fast Expansion

Because the beer caught on so quickly, The Brothers Brewery team quickly realized that a small beer hall and additional production area would be a profitable idea. The owners decided to invest in a new space that allowed patrons to enjoy the beer and also view the production process.

They made this dream a reality in 2017 in a 220-square-meter building at Bárustíg. Their modest expectation of a tiny beer hall with one employee rapidly turned into a bustling hall that required multiple employees to run.

Success came with a price, of course. By 2018, The Brothers Brewery needed to expand again, leading them to purchase a site in nearby Bakárí so they could expand their products’ reach.

Currently, this Iceland brewery is located in a 550m2 building at Bárustíg 7, where they use new brewing equipment and the Twin Monkeys mobile canning system. The building also houses an upper-floor guest room for group presentations, private parties, and other rental events.

Two-full time employees run the beer production, and 15 other workers run the beer hall and occasionally help with production. The brewery has become a significant area employer.

The Brothers Brewery Products

The now-famous product line includes the following:

  • Defect – 6% West Coast India Pale Ale
  • Fire Trap – 6% Red Ale with salt and chili
  • Easy Brother – 5% Amber Ale with CTZ and Cascade hops
  • Commissioners – 6% Belgian Saison with EKG hops
  • With Allt á Humlum – 6.3% New England IPA with Galaxy and Mosaic hops
  • The Tug – 11% Imperial Stout with EKG hops

These delicious beverages are canned with Twin Monkey’s machines and, fortunately for customers everywhere, The Brothers Brewery has an online store where their beer can be shopped.

The Twin Monkeys Advantage

Twin Monkeys canning systems help innovative beverage producers such as The Brothers Brewery succeed. Their customized engineering solutions include can fill-and-seam machines and an integrated canning line capable of making your beverages fit the lifestyle of your consumers. You can choose infinitely-recyclable, customizable aluminum cans that slide into discerning consumers’ coolers, refrigerators, and backpacks. We offer American-made solutions and easy finance options to equip breweries with top-of-the-line canning equipment and accessories.

For more information on Twin Monkeys canning systems, please fill out our brief online form or call us at 866-416-1478. Our experienced representatives will be happy to explain exactly how our systems work. We offer hands-on training during installation and exemplary customer service during and after the sale. Let us help your beverage company enjoy rapid growth, too!

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