Case Study: Station 26 Brewing Co.- Denver, CO, USA

Twin Monkey’s smart canning solutions have helped hundreds of breweries achieve their goals. By providing the #1 custom-configured machinery on the market, Twin Monkey’s offers companies an effective, low-cost way to can their beverages.

Take, for instance, Station 26 Brewing Co.

About Station 26 Brewing Co.

Denver residents know Station 26 Brewing Co. as a popular spot to grab a local beer in a relaxed, warm atmosphere. This mellow brewpub is located right in the heart of Denver’s Park Hill region and is housed within an old fire station. It also features a comfortable outdoor patio seating area and a huge selection of great beer – available both in cans and on tap.

In addition to selling great brews, Station 26 Brewing Co. also brews them in-house. Since using Twin Monkey’s filling machines to can their beverages, they’ve expanded their reach to include distribution in local stores.

Let’s take a closer look at how Station 26 Brewing Co. uses Twin Monkey’s canning systems to elevate their brand.

Canned Beers at Station 26 Brewing Co.

Made with Twin Monkeys’ canning solutions, Station 26 Brewing Co. offers many canned beers. Not only can these cans be enjoyed right at the brewery, but they’re perfect for enjoying at home with friends and family. Station 26 Brewing Co.’s canned brews are also offered in local beer stores and liquor marts throughout the Denver area. Using the beer can finder on Station 26 Brewing Co.’s website, customers can figure out which canned beers are sold at the stores closest to them.

Some of the most popular canned beers include the 303 Lager, as well as four other beers, like the flagship “Juicy Banger IPA”, with notes of apricot, papaya, and honey. For beer drinkers that enjoy lighter beers, the “Tangerine Cream” is a great canned option at Station 26 Brewing Co. A light cream ale featuring notes of citrus and vanilla bean, this popular flavor earned a gold medal at the 2017 Los Angeles International Beer Competition!

How the Canning Happens

Station 26 Brewing Co. cans their delicious beers using Twin Monkeys’ filling machines, which make canning more affordable and efficient. Twin Monkey’s auto-adjust fill technology helps Station 26 Brewing Co. reduce waste, while increasing filling efficiency. Moreover, for a brewery like Station 26 Brewing Co., quality is everything. By using Twin Monkey’s seam-sensing technology, Station 26 Brewing Co. can rest assured that their beer is properly stored and ready for customers to enjoy.

With the help of Twin Monkey’s scalable canning solutions and advanced technology, Station 26 Brewing Co. has expanded its reach by providing their quality products in stores. This means fans don’t always need to visit the firehouse to enjoy their Station 26 Brewing Co. favorite brews.

Ready to Can Your Own Beer?

Breweries like Station 26 Brewing Co. trust Twin Monkeys to help them find the most suitable beer canning machine for their needs and help them thrive. For more information on Twin Monkey’s canning solutions, complete a contact form directly our the website or give us a call at (866)-416-1478.

A member of our canning system team will reach out to you with more information about our extensive selection of beer canning systems that can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We look forward to helping you efficiently can your beer or other beverages!

In the meantime, explore this helpful canner comparison guide to browse each of Twin Monkeys’ available canning solutions.

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