CBD – Can You Can It

As the popularity of CBD products continues to soar, so does the need for innovative packaging and delivery solutions. Canning is becoming increasingly popular in the CBD drink market, offering a practical yet stylish way to enjoy fresh, quality CBD beverages.
At Twin Monkeys, canning solutions are our specialty. So, we decided to dive deeper into canning CBD-infused drinks. Here’s what we learned:

The CBD Industry Has Been Rapidly Expanding

The CBD industry has rapidly expanded in recent years, with CBD products becoming increasingly popular and widely available. This rapid growth can be attributed to several factors, including increased awareness of the potential benefits of CBD, more stringent regulation around hemp production, and broader acceptance from consumers and retailers across various industries.

As consumers become more aware of the potential health benefits of using cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), demand for these products continues to climb. Studies have shown that CBD may help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, improve heart health, and more. With more and more people turning to CBD for its potential health benefits, the demand for CBD products has skyrocketed. Moreover, as regulation around hemp production becomes more stringent, it is becoming easier for consumers to obtain safe and reliable products.

At the same time, technological advancements have made it easier to cultivate hemp plants and extract cannabinoids from them. These advancements have created an increased supply of raw materials needed to manufacture high-quality CBD products, further fueling the industry’s growth.

CDB Now Comes In More Forms Than Ever

As consumer interest in CBD continues to grow, so does the need for diverse product selections that offer customers a variety of CBD choices. One product that’s seen particular growth is canned CBD beverages.

Canned drinks have long been a staple beverage choice for those looking to quench their thirst on the go or during a night out. Now, they’re being infused with CBD to provide extra relaxation and mental clarity. Because canning protects beverages without altering their flavor, now canned CBD drinkers can enjoy all the benefits associated with consuming CBD, such as an improved mood and decreased stress levels, without worrying about the product’s taste.
Not only are CBD drinks becoming more popular, but they are the ideal solution for those who are new to CBD products. Canned CBD beverages are an easy way to get a healthy dose of cannabidiol in a familiar form factor while enjoying various flavors and styles that are sure to delight. Some popular offerings include fruity sparkling water options, nitro cold brew coffees, and creamy matcha lattes – all infused with CBD for extra relaxation benefits.

Canning Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Get CBD To Consumers

Canning is an ideal way for consumers to access CBD products easily. Canned CBD offers a convenient and cost-effective containment method that enables customers to enjoy their favorite CBD products on the go or in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, canning creates higher-quality products for customers to enjoy. The process of canning CBD drinks involves sealing cannabis oil in jars, cans, or bottles with airtight lids, preventing oxygen from entering and spoiling the product. This ensures that customers receive only the freshest, highest quality product available.

From the manufacturing standpoint, canned CBD products are typically less expensive than those sold in other forms, thanks to lower production costs. Canning also provides manufacturers with versatility in packaging and labeling their products– ensuring that their CBD products stand out on store shelves.

Twin Monkeys Is Your Superior Canning Solution for CBD Products and More

Canning is the obvious solution when it comes to creating and packaging quality CBD-infused beverages. With years of experience in the canning industry, Twin Monkeys is an industry leader in innovative, eye-catching canning solutions. Not only do we use the latest shipment and production techniques, but our experienced team also has extensive knowledge in developing creative packaging strategies that are both attractive and cost-effective. In addition, we provide various services – such as aluminum consultation, artwork design, printing, labeling, and filling – that are fully customizable to accommodate the unique requirements of your product.

For CBD products or other consumables, Twin Monkeys is your superior canning solution for any beverage. Our comprehensive list of services and expert guidance guarantees a reliable and affordable solution tailored specifically to your needs.
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