Contract Canner

Do you need a canning system to help build your contract canning business?

Twin Monkeys Systems have the high level of automation that can help get you the system you need to make your business work.

Our pallet-to-pallet solution can give the customized system that you need!

Our machines can be custom configured for numerous can sizes allowing you to expand fulfill more contracts.

Even more… you can change out between can and lid sizes in a breeze. Giving you more time for canning runs.

Multiple Can Diameters

Our machines can be custom configured for the can diameters that work for your business. Along with quick change out enables you to be more efficient.

Depalletizer Options

We have any level of automation that works for your set-up both Semi-auto and fully-auto. With a depalletizer you can save on labor and time!

Expandable Canning system

Our Cimarron line can get you started on a single lane setup, and rapidly expand to a double lane 10-fill head set up with no extra footprint. This machine is built for contract canning.

Built-in Quality Control

Auto-Tune Filler Feature is avalible in select modles with a feature to weigh each can after it is seamed, and reject the low weights, They then auto-adjust the fill until it is back within the acceptable range you have set.

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