How to Reduce Waste During Canning

Reducing waste during the canning process can go a long way to helping your business thrive. Aluminum can packaging is the primary material used for packaging beer today, which makes up about 62% of beer volume produced and sold in the United States.

An efficient canning process can help you control quality while reducing waste. Using a canning machine, such as one of the stellar models offered by Twin Monkeys, makes it easier to maximize your success by maintaining efficiency and reducing product loss and spillage.

Factors such as temperature and pressure require close monitoring for the perfect canning process. Below, learn more about how to reduce waste when canning beverages.

Reducing Waste When Canning Beer

Wondering how to reduce waste? The answer is all about moving quickly! Although you can expect a small amount of waste, streamlining the startup process of your canning machinery can help you to reduce beer spillage and increase your overall yield. When changing a pallet, the process must happen quickly, as downtime in machine running time can lead to waste in the beer canning process. The quicker the production process, the less downtime the canning line experiences.

Preparing for a Canning Day

You should go through a series of “checks” to achieve the most efficient canning process. Many companies check quality assurance standards before beginning the packaging process. Furthermore, all equipment should go through proper sanitization before the canning process. Then, check the following factors to help reduce beer spillage in the process:


When canning beer, the temperature of the beer plays an important role. Beer that is too warm will become foamy, leading to waste. To reduce beer spillage during scanning, ensure that the beer (or other liquid to be canned) is at the appropriate temperature.

While beer that is too hot will over-foam, a beer that is too cold is also problematic. Beer under 32°F will not create enough foam. Reduce beer spillage to keep the beverage as warm as possible without losing control of the foam.


Proper pressure on your canning machine is also important to help reduce beer spillage. Using too high of pressure creates havoc, leading to excess foam in the beer canning process. In contrast, using too low of a head pressure can cause a beer to come out of the solution while still in the lines going to the canner and also foam too much. If there are tiny bubbles in the beverage tubing, the pressure is too low; if not and you have too much foam, the pressure may be too high. There is a sweet spot. In general, 11-15 psi is a good pressure to use for canning beer. Maintain appropriate pressure throughout the canning process to reduce beer spillage.


Carbonation levels are very important when canning beer. By verifying accurate carbonation levels and dissolved oxygen levels, your business can help reduce beer spillage. In order to create foam, carbonation is necessary for each batch of beer. Low carbonation won’t produce enough foam, while too much carbonation produces excess foam. Beer production companies may benefit from letting beer rest for 24 hours at its optimal level of carbonation before it goes through the canning process.


An efficient canning process needs the correct distance between the brite tank and the canning system. A brite tank that is too far away from the canning machine could lead to inconsistencies in temperature and pressure.

Efficient Canning Process: Twin Monkeys Canning Systems

Looking for the ultimate efficient canning process? Twin Monkeys Canning Systems are your answer to help reduce beer spillage and optimize your success. Each of our high-quality canning systems is entirely made in the USA and offers customizable solutions that can meet your company’s unique needs. We strive to make each of our canning systems user-friendly, requiring little start-up time. This means you’ll be well on your way to canning beverages in no time!

Beer Canning with Twin Monkeys

At Twin Monkeys, we specialize in creating canning lines that help you reduce beer spillage. Each of our canning lines is designed to help you maintain the best taste and quality standards. Every Twin Monkeys canning machine automates the filling process to reduce inconsistent fills while making quality control easy with auto-tune filler features. Our beer canning machines are made to grow with your business!

Not sure which model is best for your needs? Speak to a Twin Monkeys representative to learn more about how our systems can help achieve the most efficient canning process. Call a member of our team today at (888)-315-7462 x 1 to learn more.

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