One Tree Planted, Twin Monkeys Path to Sustainability

At Twin Monkeys we believe in keeping the planet in good shape and working to not only negate our drain on its resources but to give back. That is why we have partnered with One Tree Planted to make a donation quarterly. We give money for every machine bought. We couldn’t think of a better way to give back than to get a tree planted and foster re-growth.

The truth is we work hard to be sustainable whenever we can. At Twin Monkeys we have a team of people who meet bi-weekly to discuss opportunities we may have to make the sustainable choice. For example:

  • We recycle (this should come as no surprise, but we recycle A LOT of aluminum cans)
  • We have smart thermostats that help control climate in our facility
  • We build power and water shut offs into our large systems to help reduce footprint
  • We no longer use paper towels in our facility, and have swapped for a washable-reusable option
  • We swapped our warehouse lighting fixtures out for LED bulbs to reduce power use
  • When feasible we use rechargeable batteries instead of traditional lithium ion
  • We have edited our travel policy to work to reduce carbon emissions on flights and try to get hybrid vehicle rentals when possible
  • Our power for our facility comes from wind power

The truth is the list goes on and on, the bottom line is we are trying to make energy efficiency a core part of our culture and intend to continue to find ways to make our planet a better place. In 2022 we will be exploring solar power, as well as the new ways to reuse and recycle our materials. We hope you will join us.


-The Twin Monkeys Team

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