The PS Labeler

A robust can labelling machine perfect for the growing brewery, winery or production facility.


The PS Labeler is fully automated pressure sensitive labeler that can can up to 110 cans per minute.  It features a UL 508 listed control panel and  can accommodate a wide range of labels and cans.  

The durable design and high power capacity makes the PS Labeler ideal for any medium sized brewery or production facility.

can labeler with conveyor belt and touch screen

Features & Specs

  • Dimensions:  79″ (L) x 40″ (W) x 41″ (H)
  • Net Weight:  Approx 150 kgs (330 lbs)
  • Frame Material:  304 stainless steel & anodized aluminum 
  • UL 508A listed Control Panel
  • Fully Automated
  • Labels up to 110/cans per minute
  • Use for Wrap Around Labels
  • Operator Screen for Machine Control
  • Variable Speed Capacity
  • Stainless Steel & Aircraft-grade Anodized Aluminum

Complete your setup

take your canning line to the next level

THE following accessories will integrate seamlessly with your twin monkeys canning system.


Twist Rinsers

Date Coders

Accumulation Tables

Nitrogen Dosers

Shrink Sleeve Labeler

Paktech Applicator

Auto-Adjust Technology

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