AUTOMATED Can labeler

In the before time  there was no small automated labeler that could handle labels for tall cans and was more affordable than the larger, faster models. Our beverage customers were asking for the unicorn and it wasn’t out there. Now in the after time the unicorn exists and is called the Saluda.

Compact, light weight, affordable, capable of 7 ½” high labels

This labeler was specifically commissioned by Twin Monkeys to be able to accommodate a wide range of labels and cans and affordably apply labels at a rate of 30 cans/minute. This tiny automated labeler will simplify label application and even offers the option to date code on the labels prior to apply.

Features & Specs

  • Label Dimensions: 1” to 6” tall (optional up to 7 ½” tall), 14” long max
  • Label Core: 3”
  • Reel Size: 12”
  • Machine Dimensions: 38”W x 48”L x 48”H
  • Cans Per Minute: 30
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Can Options: nearly any cylindrical size
  • Power Requirements: 120V or 230V 1-phase (50/60hz)
  • Ink Jet Date Coder to code ½” high print zone across the label with user configurable information
  • Accommodations for up to 7 ½” tall labels
  • Fully automated label application
  • Options for left- or right-hand
  • Operator screen for machine control
  • 4 ½” wide conveyor
  • Variable speed
  • Stainless steel and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum

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