Smart Canning Solutions for Every Beverage


We understand the hard work you put in to make the beverages for your customers, we want to make it easy for you to package. Twin Monkeys builds canning systems for all craft beverage makers’ needs. We offer pallet-to-pallet beverage packaging solutions for every beverage.

The Twin Monkeys Line of Canning Systems

Our tailored engineering solutions include not only a suite of can fill-and-seam machines, but an integrated canning line complete with all the automation necessary to get your beverages into the coolers, fridges, and backpacks of your customers in what is fast becoming the worlds’ preferred package: an infinitely-recyclable aluminum can.

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The engineers at Twin Monkeys didn’t stop at just making can fill & seam systems.

A complete beer canning line or other beverage canning line often needs accessory equipment:  date coders, depalletizers, labelers, feed and accumulation tables, etc.  For these canning system accessories, we’ve either found expert partners that make what you need or we’ve developed our own in-house.  These are a few of the other things we have to offer; this is not an exhaustive list, so ask if you don’t see what you need.

Discover The Canning Process

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Global Canning Solutions

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