Why is it Important to Rinse Cans Before Filling?

While many companies are eager to begin using their Twin Monkeys canning machines, it’s vital to ensure that pre-canning steps are adequately done before starting the process. One component of the pre-canning process involves rinsing cans to ensure sterilization.

There are several approaches to rinsing cans that involve a variety of different methods and machines.
Here’s all of the important information you need to know about canning preparation for beer and how Twin Monkey’s twist rinse can be used to simplify the process.

Importance of Rinsing Cans Before Filling

Rinsing cans before filling helps ensure the can is clean and free of contaminants. This process is an important step that should not be forgotten, as it helps ensure that canned beverages stay fresh and do not spoil before customers drink them. No matter what type of beverage a company may be canning (seltzer, kombucha, beer, etc.), rinsing cans is an important step to help maintain high-quality standards.

Some manufacturers may sterilize cans before you get them. However, even if cans are already sterilized, they may not be sterile after they leave the manufacturer. This depends on various factors, including how the cans arrived and the type of packaging used.

When to Rinse Cans

If your cans arrive wrapped by the original can manufacturer, they are likely to be sterile. However, it is still a good preventative measure to pre-rinse your cans to ensure 100% sterilization. Even cans advertised as “ready-to-fill” may have been contaminated in the shipping process. The only way to ensure your cans are 100% sterile is to rinse them before canning.

While it may seem tedious to perform this extra preparation, rinsing cans will give you peace of mind that your beverages contain no foreign contaminants.

Substances Used to Rinse Cans

When rinsing cans, it’s most common to use water. Some companies may use filtered or sterilized water to help maintain higher quality standards. Using water is one of the easiest and safest methods to rinse cans compared to other substances. If a few water droplets remain after rinsing, it should not affect the quality of your beverages.

Some businesses may opt to use a light sanitizer to rinse cans. However, this process can be tricky. If too much sanitizer is left behind in the can, it could impact the quality of your beverages. For this reason, this method is not generally recommended.

Another method to rinse cans involves using ionized air to rinse cans. This rinsing method ionizes the air and blows it into the can to clean it. Any contaminants within cans are dislodged and pulled out. While this method is effective, it can be costly to implement.

Equipment Needed to Rinse Cans

Not only does Twin Monkey’s offer the best customizable canning machines, but we also offer the accessories you need to keep your machine functioning properly. There are several ways to rinse cans, including using Twin Monkey’s Twist Rinse Auxiliary Equipment.
A twist rinse makes rinsing cans easy through an automatic process. Twin Monkey’s Twist Rinse Auxillary Equipment can be used in various can sizes. The twist rinse process involves flipping the can upside down, rinsing it, then turning it over before it goes into the canning system. Cans are then returned to their upright position for filling. Using a twist rinse system is one way to ensure all cans are thoroughly rinsed before proceeding with the canning process.

While rinsing cans by hand is always an option, this method can be quite time-consuming. The “dunk and shake” method is an alternative approach that involves dipping the can into rinse liquid and shaking it out. Not only does this method take more time, but it can also leave residual fluid behind in the can. Businesses looking to streamline their canning process can save time by using a twist rinse instead.

Regardless of the method used, it’s important to ensure all fluid is removed from the can to ensure high-quality beverages.

Don’t Skip Canning Preparation for Beer

With so many beverages in the beer industry, it’s crucial to maintain practices that keep your beer fresh, tasty, and superior. Therefore, when it comes to canning preparation for beer, don’t skimp on the rinse.

While our twist rinse machine may look complex or overwhelming, it’s simple to use. Twin Monkey’s canning systems and auxiliary equipment models are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Want to learn more about how Twin Monkey’s Twist Rinse equipment can help you prepare your cans for filling? Our friendly staff will gladly provide more information about using a twist rinse. Contact us today to request a quote and to let us know that you want to learn more about “filling preparation for my beverage” company.

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