How Much Does a Beer Canning System Cost?

The old saying “it takes money to make money” rings true across every industry. The key is making strategic investments to ensure higher productivity, higher margins, and more revenue streams. In the brewery world, once brewers have created a quality product, the goal is to start pushing it. The more the brewery can sell, the greater its growth.

One crucial investment is an automated beer canning system. This investment allows smaller breweries to ramp up production capacity and add off-premise product sales. But how much does a beer canning system cost? This guide tells all.

Why Invest in Beer Canning?

For breweries to succeed and expand, they must find opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. One way to do so is to can their beer using automated canning systems. Depending on the model, breweries can package up to 100 cans per minute.

As the craft beer market grows, the need for cost-effective beer canning systems also increases. There are several options, ranging from mobile canning systems to fully automated systems. The best choice will depend on your production volume, space, staff, and capital. Automatic is the way to go for those needing an extensive, high-volume setup. These systems come with rinsers, dryers, and automated post-packaging options. While the upfront cost is more, the return on investment can be significant.

Some reasons to consider purchasing a canning system include the following:

  • Breweries use mobile canners, costing them between $3.00 and $4.80 per case for these services. This leaves very slim margins, especially if the brewery then uses a distributor who wants their own cut of the profits.
  • Growing the business beyond a taproom.
  • Driving business back to the taproom by allowing customers to taste their products in other settings/venues before realizing what magic awaits them back at the brewery.
  • Diversification of revenue streams — for example, distribution can significantly boost a brewery’s revenue.
  • High margin “take away” sales where customers already at the taproom but done drinking there has the option to take more home — often a higher source of profit than brewery owners realize.

Twin Monkeys machine line reduces product waste and uses fewer resources than the competition, saving a canning operation money.
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How Much Does a Beer Canning System Cost?

Automated beer canning machine prices vary based on the features offered. For example, startups can invest in a small canning line setup with low automation for less than $30,000, whereas larger-scale production lines can cost over $200,000 when loaded with all the auxiliary equipment needed to fully automate all aspects of can handling.

The key is partnering with a company specializing in top-tier canning systems, like Twin Monkeys. They offer quality systems that are fully customizable and affordable. Their clients span the globe as they continue to meet the needs of those in the industry. Their canning systems range from nano-canners to expandable, high-capacity machines.

As an example, the Cimarron is capable of canning 10 to 100 cans per minute, making it ideal for breweries planning for growth. It’s versatile and adaptable, allowing breweries to grow their business at a pace that makes sense. The base canning machine price for this design starts at $71,000. This model is for large-capacity breweries or breweries that have growth in their sights.

Introducing Twin Monkeys Financing

Purchasing a beer canning system can be a significant capital investment. However, breweries instantly start saving money — plus, they can expand, helping them boost revenue. The concept is simple: invest in a machine that will boost productivity and capacity to save money and expand the brand. However, not all breweries have the option to buy such equipment.

Many breweries need more capital to make this crucial investment, which is why Twin Monkeys developed its financing program. The benefits of financing a canning system are vast, especially because they help professionals avoid high upfront costs. Instead, breweries can use tomorrow’s funding to enter a leasing program with a $1.00 buyout. At the end of the term, the brewery enjoys an immediate transfer of ownership. Compared to the cost of mobile canning, it’s usually cheaper per month to finance equipment that will later be owned than simply paying out the mobile canning fee.

Other perks include:

  • Tax advantages, as beer canning systems are an expense that will help reduce total gross income.
  • Freeing up working capital to reinvest in the business.
  • 100% financing, including installation and shipping.
  • Competitive, affordable rates.
  • Simple online application.
  • Quick credit decisions.
  • No obligation or risk.

The financing program will be developed based on the brewery’s cash flow needs. Terms range from 24 to 84 months, offering same-day funding. Use the Twin Monkeys payment estimator to determine the monthly payments based on the chosen term. For example, if the general equipment needed costs $20,000 for a 24-month term, the monthly payment is $960, compared to $436 for a 60-month term agreement. That’s cheaper than a mobile canner.

Final Thoughts

The decision to purchase a canning system is exciting. Brewery owners have a lot to consider regarding day-to-day operations, so they must invest in a canning system partner that makes this process as simple and efficient as possible. In addition to canning systems, Twin Monkeys also offers a range of accessory equipment, including labelers and depalletizers.
Ready to talk about which option is best and the price of a canning system? Contact a Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems sales representative or Jason Butkus from North Star Leasing to learn more about financing a canning system:

  • jason@northstarleasing.com
  • (802) 860-4013

Alternatively, start a financing application online.

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