We Help Country Monks Brewing Get the Entry-Level Canning System they Needed

Looking for an entry-level canning system? Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems works hard to help all breweries grow into their full potential. The distribution piece is generally a stressful part for small and medium size breweries. That is why Twin Monkey Beverage Systems works so hard to get each customer exactly what they need to scale their business in a way that makes sense for them.

Country Monks Brewing worked with Twin Monkeys to build out their program. Canning 16 oz. cans made sense for them. They were looking for an entry-level machine that had decent speed and a footprint that would work for their space. The Yampa at 20-30 cans per minute and a tabletop footprint made a lot of sense.

Twin Monkeys prides itself on helping breweries build out semi-custom machines for breweries. Twin Monkeys wants customers to know that the canning system they purchase will be exactly what they need. The importance of service doesn’t end there though, Twin Monkeys can help train breweries on the new canning system so that they become experts on their equipment. Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems believes that customers should know everything they need to be successful on their canning system, and that doesn’t end with training. Free seam inspection tests offer a chance to utilize the quality control equipment at Twin Monkeys headquarters to ensure that all the hard work breweries puts into their beverages is reflected in their packaged product. All a customer has to do is send canned product and Twin Monkeys will do a full inspection and walk through the results with the customer, even making suggestions on tweaks to make sure that the product is right where each customer wants it.

Country Monks Brewing cared a lot about quality. Twin Monkey Beverage Systems worked with them to build out the canning system that made the most sense for them. It is great to see the local media supporting their story and growth. Check out the article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette about their journey here.


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