Each year the city of Aurora, CO, honors a few businesses with a Business Recognition Award.  For 2018, the co-located businesses of Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems and Colorado Automation and Design were honored with this award in a ceremony that included the mayor and the city manager.  We are humbled (and happy) for having received this award.  They did a stellar job of creating this professional video explaining the businesses that won.

It always seems awkward and pretentious to toot your own horn.  However when someone else does the tooting, we are happy to let them.  In this case, the television show World’s Greatest— a show that awards that title to various companies operating in various industries and appears on Dish and DirecTV and cable–came in and interviewed us for their show and shot video of our beer canning machine with the segment airing on Feb 26 […]

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The online equipment marketplace website Kinnek interviewed us and gave us a vendor award at the 2017 CBC conference.  Despite the fact that the videos were mislabeled to have us associated with Grandstand, we still appreciate their effort and you can see videos they made of our not-quite dynamic monkey Josh talking about canning line sizing, can label options, and mobile canning.